How many bottles are needed for a competition?

1 bottle will give 8-10 coats and you will need 1-2 light coats of tan per competition.The first light Coat first thing on morning of event. 2nd coat can be applied 30-40mins later. The 3rd a touch up coat between the pre judging and evening show if required. So one bottle is plenty. You could even share with another competitor.

Can I use a bottle from previous year?

Dark As… uses very natural products to make sure it is gentle on the skin but this means that colours will deteriorate over time. I would always buy a new bottle of tan if over 2 months between shows. The shelf life is 6months but personally I wouldn’t risk older tan and this would be relevant to any companies tanning product.

Can you use as an every day fake tan or for photo-shoots?

Yes put a coat on before bed and shower in the morning for a very natural golden tan.

How easy is it to remove?

Washes off very easily and as mentions above leaves a great natural looking tan.

Will it run on stage?

Dark as is designed to stay on the skin however any stage tan will run if you are someone who sweats profusely on stage.

What is the best way to apply the tan?

Applying by Mitt is quick and it dries virtually instantly. It is a very easy to blend with a mitt. Mitt application means you can do in your own time and in privacy without any cold spray tanning. See video on this page to watch application.

What skin prep is required?

The better condition your skin is in the better your tan will go on. Exfoliation for 2 weeks before show and regular moisturizing helps. Any dry skin attracts the smaller particles in tan and causes it to look darker and sometimes dirty. This applies to any tanning product.

You do not need to use special exfoliators or moisturiser but taking the time to do this does help achieve the perfect tan…

Do not apply moisturiser immediately before tan always shower and apply tan on dry skin.