Dark As – The big thing in show tans for all bodybuilding and figure competitions.


A dark rich mahogany colour, easy to apply for perfect an even, dark tan! The perfect finishing touch to that hard contest prep.

Dark As is the ultimate in professional tanning!


“As easy as tanning gets, with the reassurance of a perfect finish every time. Hassle free removal with a lush after-glow”

Claire Burton
(World Champion)

“Easy as applying moisturiser, dark rich mahogany tan, perfect show colour.”

Robert Waterhouse
(World Champion)

Being a typical man I do not take good care of my skin, moisturising and exfoliating are alien to me. So when I first used Dark As I was overjoyed to see that even with my skin and minimal skin prep it took straight away, and was dark enough with two light coats with a rich, even colour every time and no mess! It has made competing that much more enjoyable for me and I couldnt go back to using anything else.

Mark Claxton

Easily the best tanning product I’ve ever used and I’ve used them all. Easier than a spray tan and far better quality. No hassle, no fuss, it does exactly what it says does. Leaves you “Dark As **” perfect for the bodybuilding stage, with a nice after tan for photo shoots when you wash it off.

Andrew Chappell